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The Social Clause Initiative now includes 20 active member retailers.

Member retailers work together to sustainably improve conditions for people at work, and responsibly support suppliers to empower them to become independent agents in pursuit of progress.

ICS is a group of experts representing retailers who are committed and involved at the grassroots level.

ICS promotes responsible trade by promoting the social responsibility of manufacturers for retail and distribution brands who import products from at-risk countries.


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Three ICS Companies Join BSCI as Cooperation Continues Between
the Social Compliance Initiatives

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and Initiative Clause Sociale (ICS) are moving towards  their cooperation agreement.

No merger between the two organisations is foreseen.

However, close collaboration continues and will function through the three ICS members that will now also become members of BSCI. File

ICS Methodology

ICS actions are based on a common methodology applied by all ICS members and securing a complete control of the audit process by brands.

  • ICS audits cannot be requested by the factory itself but are only mandated by retailers and brands members of ICS that manage the audit process. 
  • Audits are performed by third party accredited audit companies.
  • ICS members share common monitoring rules when critical non-conformities are identified in the factories.
  • ICS audits are semi announced or unannounced.


ICS and OECD are pleased to invite you to the panel session

Feb. 9th, 10:15 — 12:45

Parallel session

Due diligence for the responsible employment of migrant workers